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PostSubject: Shopmenu1    Sat May 14, 2011 1:45 am

In this thread you will get an overview of the available items you can buy in war3ft.

Under the name is the skill of the race that has the (nearly) same effect.

Saying the Keyword in chat or binding it to a key buys this item.

1) Shopmenu

  • Ankh of Reincarnation - If you die you will retrieve your equipment the following round

    Orcish Horde: Equipment Reincarnation
    Keyword: ankh

    Useless, because you do not have to buy anything.

  • Boots of Speed - Allows you to run faster
    Undead Sourge: Unholy Aura
    Keyword: boots

  • Claws of Attack +6 - An additional 6 hp will be removed from the enemy on every hit
    Night Elf of Kalimdore: Trueshot Aura
    Keyword: claws

  • Cloak of Shadows - Makes you partially invisible, invisibility is increased when holding the knife
    Human Alliance: Invisibility
    Keyword: cloak

  • Mask of Death - You will receive health for every hit on the enemy
    Undead Sourge: Vampiric Aura
    Keyword: mask

  • Necklace of Immunity - You will be immune enemy ultimates
    (Warden: Blink | Necklace: 4 times, Blink: All times at lvl 3)
    Keyword: necklace

  • Orb of Frost - Slows your enemy down when you hit him
    Shadow Hunter: Hex
    Keyword: frost

  • Periapt of Health - Receive extra health
    No race equivalent
    Keyword: health

  • Tome of Experience - Automatically gain experience, the item is used on purchase
    No race equivalent
    Keyword: tome

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