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PostSubject: Shopmenu2    Sat May 14, 2011 1:52 am

2) Shopmenu2

  • Scroll of Respawning - You will re spawn after death
    (Warden: Vengeance | Starting the ultimate while living you will be set to spawn with 50 HP)
    Keyword: scroll

    Useless as item, because you always re spawn.

  • Mole Protectant - You will be immune to attacks done by a mole
    No race equivalent
    No keyword

  • Amulet of the Cat - You cannot be heard when running/going up ladders
    No race equivalent
    Keyword: amulet

  • Sock of the Feather - You will be given low gravity
    Undead Sourge: Levitation
    Keyword: socks

  • Helm of Excellence - Immune to head shots
    No race equivalent
    Keyword: helm

  • Flaming Gloves of Warmth - Given a nade every 10 seconds
    No race equivalent
    Keyword: gloves

  • Ring of Regeneration - Gives 1 health every 2 seconds, you can have a maximum of 5
    (Shadow Hunter: Healing Wave | always 1 HP)
    Keyword: ring - 1 ring
    Keyword: rings
    - Up to 5 rings

  • Chameleon - Your skin will change so you look like the enemy
    No race equivalent
    Keyword: chameleon

  • Mole - Teleported to enemy spawn at the start of the next round and your skin is changed to look like the enemy
    (Warden: Fan of Knives )
    Keyword: mole

For more information about this game type "war3menu" or "war3help" in chat

Thank you
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