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 War3ft + CSDM

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PostSubject: War3ft + CSDM   War3ft + CSDM Icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 2:08 am

On this server we have mainly the war3ft mod and a death match mod.

1) Before connecting
Before connecting you should bind some keys. Open your console and add the following codes


Quote :
bind "f" "ultimate"
bind "alt" "ability"
bind "-" "shopmenu"
bind "=" "shopmenu2"

The key F now activates your ultimate.
The alt-key now activates your ability (only shadow hunter)
The - key opens the shop
the = key opens the 2nd page of the shop.

2) Start playing
Connect to the server and start playing. The first menu u get is the CSDM menu.
Choose new weapons, your primary and your secondary weapon. After your death you will always see this menu again.
Choose number 2 to close this menu without choosing new weapons. Choose number 3 to close the menu until you type guns in chat.
The second menu you will get right after conecting is the war3ft
changerace menu. Choose one of the currently 9 available races. For more
info see this thread:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
In this thread there is all information about races, their abilities, how to level and such.

While playing you recieve money. With this money you can buy things in the two shopmenus.
See a list of the available items and their powers here:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

3) Other commands
By saying or binding these commands to a key you get the following effect:
Quote :

  • changerace - Choose a new race

  • itemsinfo - Display information to shopmenu

  • itemsinfo2 - Display information to shopmenu2

  • level - get an overview of your XP, global level and skills levels

  • levitation - turn on/off levitation of Undead Scourge

  • resetskills - Set every skill to 0 and rechoose them.
    XP stay the same.

  • resetxp - Set XP to 0
    This cannot be made undone!

  • selectskill - Use a skillpoint to choose a skill. (Automatic on this server)

  • skillsinfo - See detailed information about the skills of your race.

  • war3help - See a short help on war3ft

  • war3menu - Access the above commands through a menu.

4) Rules
Of course mods like these need new rules. After playing a lot on this server the only (and most important) new rule is:
Do not teleport under, over or behind the map or invisible walls as a human, where you can't go without exploiting and without these skills.

Besides of rules u must accept and follow there is an additional general code of behaviour:

As a human (the race) you have the ability to get nearly invisible. Some
items increase the invisibility so that you are completely invisible
with the right model on the right place. This is of course cool, as
nobody sees you but for the others it is annoying.
Please do not camp.

For more information about this game type "war3menu" or "war3help" in chat

Thank you
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War3ft + CSDM
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