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 Deathrun Manager v3.0.3

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PostSubject: Deathrun Manager v3.0.3   Sun May 15, 2011 10:50 am

Deathrun Manager

.: Description :.

Deathrun Manager for cs and cz, well you cant play deathrun in other games

This plugin manages your deathrun server by doing the following things:
Will automatically transfer one RANDOM person from the Counter-Terrorists team over to the Terrorists
Will turn off/on radio commands (with cvar)
Will turn off/on spraying (for those noobs who use spray on breakables)
Will restart round if no terrorist detected
Will check every 15 secs & on player disconnect (if a Terrorist disconnects then will restart round)
Will remove players weapons on new round.

Life System
You will gain one life point when you will kill enemy, This life point will be spend when you die.

.: Cvars :.

< 1 = on || 0 = off >

Turn on/off the plugin
deathrun_toggle 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off the spray blocker
deathrun_spray 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off the radio commands blocker
deathrun_radio 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off giving USP for CT's
deathrun_giveusp 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off removing buyzone
deathrun_removebz 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off remove money and timer from hud
deathrun_hidehud 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off blocking money, if yes, player always will have 0$
deathrun_blockmoney 1/0 <default: 1>

Block or enable 'kill' command for CTs (1 - blocked, 0 - enabled)
deathrun_blockkill 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off the semiclip
deathrun_semiclip 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off the life system, if set to 2, terrorist for winning team will get also 1 life point
deathrun_lifesystem 2/1/0 <default: 1>

If 1 then gamename will be changed to 'Deathrun v3.0'
deathrun_gamename 1/0 <default: 1>

Turn on/off block no fall damage for terrorists
deathrun_terrnfd 1/0 <default: 1>

.: What included in my DRM? :.

Remove BuyZones
Game NameChanger
Spray Blocker
Radio Commands Blocker
No Roundtimer & Money in HUD

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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PostSubject: Re: Deathrun Manager v3.0.3   Sun May 06, 2012 7:29 am

link is not working.... plz update it if possible.....
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Deathrun Manager v3.0.3
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